Membership costs

1st year $55, 2nd year $40, 3rd year onwards $30. This price include $22 membership with the Australasian Living History Federation (ALHF), the insurance body that we use. There are other insurance providers that we will accept instead of membership with ALHF, discuss it with a board member before signing up. Membership covers you from financial year to financial year. If most of the year is over we do reduce the rate of membership, please talk to a board member to discuss this.

Shooting Costs

MAS members are charged a flat $5 a month to shoot at the Campbelltown Steam and Machinery Museum. Your first day in the month is $5, any other shooting on site is free. Members are expected to buy there own bow and arrows as soon as they are able, the MAS board are often able to give help and guidance with this. (You may find the buying of bows becomes addictive, many of our members own more than one bow).


MAS attends medieval festivals and some charity events. Half the fun of this hobby is sharing it with the general public. We expect our members to try to attend these festivals, as the club gets paid for our participation, this allows our club to replenish arrows, and buy things to increase your enjoyment of our hobby.

Garb Requirements

We do not enforce any gender roles. If you are a woman and wish to dress as a man, that is fine, and visa versa. Most people who join our club are rather new to re-enactment, and the club works hard to help them attain a look as close to the 14th Century as possible. We are able to provide help and contacts to help you become as authentic as possible.

Any member dressing as a male is expected to attain garb and kit to approximate a 14th century English archer during the 100 years war. Under garments should be made from linen, and outerwear made from wool. You are expected to attain a bow that mirrors that of an english longbow. We have included some photos to provide an idea of the quality that we are after. If there is something else you wish to portray, please discuss it with our board.

Any member dressing as a female is expected to attain garb and kit to approximate a woman in the 14th century, during the 100 years war. We encourage any members dressed as women to participate in any shooting activities that we do, and are not too fussy about the type of bow used. If there is anything you particularly want to portray, discuss it with the board as they will be able to provide help. We have included some photos to demonstrate the type of clothing and quality we are after.

You may find that you do not just stop at getting your garb and equipment right. Many members have bought medieval tents, furniture, coins and games. There are lots of little things that go towards making your experience as fun as possible, and members often find themselves drawn towards research of certain things within a period.