1st Aim: For the group to as accurately as possible with modern day constraints re-create a Free Company circa 1337-1370. This period has been chosen as it is a “golden age” of English archery, when the rest of the continent (especially the French) are learning what an effective weapon the English Longbow is.

All members are to have at least a bare minimum kit portraying this era.

2nd Aim: Within any historic period there is a large scope for arts, crafts, tooling, costume making, fletching, armouring, blacksmithing etc… MAS believes this should be fostered and is happy to accept any member who is interested in these arts.

3rd Aim: The group also has interest in siege craft, and this can be reflected in research, building and displaying of items that were used for siege craft.

4th Aim: As fighting is an integral part of war in medieval times, combat within the constraints of the rules laid down by the ALHF will be for those who are interested in participating in this. Please note, the group is primarily an Archery group, melee combat is secondary.