Medieval Archery Society (MAS)

The Medieval Archery Society (MAS) is a group of like minded people who primarily portray an English mercenary company (Free Company) in France, circa 1365, based in Sydney, Australia. The main focus of the group is archery, but we have members who have skills in medieval cooking, leatherwork, spinning, blacksmithing, fletching and foot combat. The group is also interested in archery from other periods of history, and other cultures. The group attends medieval festivals, often running archery for the public.

Our Upcoming Events

Ironfest 2020

18th-19th April 2020 | Lithgow Showground

Come and meet our members and have a go at a medieval board game. It is a great festival with a variety of different groups and interests. The Festival has a different main theme each year, this years is 'Gothic'.

Winterfest 2020

4th-5th July 2020 | Hawkesbury Showground

Come and have a go on our archery range, meet our members, have a go at a medieval board game with one of our members. It is a great festival with medieval groups from all over Australia, jousting, birds of prey, archery and more.

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